Holistic Health Care for Animals

Sara J. Busch, DVM

Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist
Botanical ~ Herbal ~ Ayurvedic
Holistic Health Care for Animals

Mission Mantra

To help the divine light within all animals shine out with a healthy radiance through practicing the art of veterinary medicine.

Phone: 215-287-3206

Hours of Operation: By appointment only

Service Areas: Parts of Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties of Pennsylvania

The Artisan Vet is a 100% housecall and holistic veterinary practice based in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, just outside Philadelphia.  Dr. Sara Busch is a veterinarian and a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist who approaches the practice of veterinary medicine as an art form.  She works to bring out the natural healing energy of animals (specifically dogs, cats, and horses). 

What exactly is holistic veterinary medicine? At the Artisan Vet it often starts with a complete dietary review (most of our clients want to feed homemade food to their animals), and also includes botanical / herbal, Ayurvedic, physical (bodywork) healing therapies, homeopathic remedies, and acupuncture.   All of these modalities are used to promote the body's innate desire to heal without interference from steroids, antibiotics, or vaccines.  Using this approach Dr. Busch has helped paralytic animals walk, asthmatic cats breathe easier, incontinent dogs and cats regain control of their bladders and bowels,  and improved the quality of life of cancer patients. 

More generally, holistic veterinary medicine differs from conventional (modern, Western) medicine  in its approach to the patient's overall health, rather than to a specific diagnosis of one disease.  The goal of holistic medicine is to treat the patient, not a disease.  Briefly, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) sees disease as a disharmony between the two universal forces of Yin and Yang or their subsidiary categories of "Hot" and  "Cold."  In this approach Hot conditions are cooled, whereas Cold conditions are warmed (often using herbs) in order to bring harmony back to the patient's overall health.  Similarly, Ayurvedic medicine categorizes foods and herbs according to their temperature, and living beings according to their "Dosha" or energetic principles.  In this way, two patients with one Western medical diagnosis (e.g. Chronic Renal Failure, with one treatment plan) may have two different TCVM patterns or Ayurvedic imbalances requiring completely different approaches to their treatment.  



"Thank you, Dr. Busch for your compassionate and impressive care of Levi!  She is now walking, climbing, stretching and crawling under the couch.  These things she could not do before you treated her with your healing hands.Without your help Levi would have had to be euthanized."

T. and H. Taylor                     


Sara J. Busch, DVM
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