Sara Busch drinking from a Pipa

Drinking from a Pipa in Costa Rica

Missy on Jade Yoga Mat
Missy, one of my muses, enjoying savasana on her favorite Jade Yoga mat.

Dr. Sara Busch, Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist

Warm Greetings!

I received my formal education from Michigan State University (BS and DVM degrees, both with honors). However, I credit all of the patients I've had over the years for teaching me the art and wisdom of holistic healthcare.

It was while I was an emergency veterinarian in North Carolina that I started studying Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine at the Chi-Institute in Florida. Since then I've had several different veterinary jobs, including one as a college professor, and one as a state regulator of animal health and food safety (don't get me started on that, but that did get me started on a vegetarian diet). Now I'm finally able to dedicate my professional life in a way that's consistent with my dharma. It feels so good to be able share a picture of me drinking from a pipa in Costa Rica rather than in a suit and high heels, or worse, the animal-scaring white lab coat!

My background in yoga (I'm a member of Shiva Rea's Prana Flow Yoga Tribe) introduced me to Ayurvedic medicine and the concept of Ahimsa - the practice of non-violence and benevolence toward all living beings. I credit yoga with my evolution from a vegetarian to a vegan diet.

The sacred light that shines forth from every living being stirs up awe and wonder in me, and reminds me why it is I became a veterinarian. It's with this feeling in my heart that I approach all of the divine beings that I am honored to be asked to help bring back to radiant health!


Dr. Busch's Professional Memberships

Delaware Valley Academy of Veterinary Medecine AVMA AHVMA VBMA