New products to help with behavior problems

Creating a healthy, long term relationship with your pet is achieved through finesse, not force. (Toys help too! Here are a few of my favorites.)

If you have a well behaved pet with no behavior problems, congratulations!  Your pet probably had an excellent "childhood" and safe early socialization period, and is lucky to have a good person like you for an owner, too!  However, most of us, myself included, have a pet or two with an "issue" or two!  Those issues could range from jumping on visitors, storm phobias, food-bowl territorialism (aka "resource guarding"), to aggression problems.  Luckily, there are some new products (and some not so new, but lesser known) available to help with some of these problem behaviors.

Here are three products I am excited to share with you to help modify your pet's behavior in a safe, positive way without force, but with finesse!  Please, please, please don't get any training ideas from that national TV show whose host is the "Dog Trainer to the Stars!" His methods use force and fear.  Would you be in a healthy relationship with someone who forces you to do things out of fear?

The first product is called Manners Minder(formerly called Treat and Train).  This is a treat dispensing machine that is activated by remote control.  Do you see the potential for this?  I am so excited by this little gadget-box I can hardly express it adequately.  Follow the link for more background information and suggested uses for this clever device!

The second product (and there are many brands and variations on a theme for this one) is a "food-stuffable toy."  These are balls (or toys) that can be filled with your cat's or dog's food and then they have to roll the toy around to release some treats.  These types of toys are great distractors for separation anxiety or during mild storms, etc.  Here's a link to one of my favorite food stuffable toys

The third has been around for years, and while not exactly a toy, it sure is fun to learn to use!  It's the Clicker .  This little device is used to help train animals of all sorts of species.  There are several online videos you can watch on how-to use it etc.  With as little as 5 minutes a day you will quickly be on the way to training your pet in a positive and healthy way