• Housecalls and FarmcallsPlayful dog

    • To treat dogs, cats, and horses
    • To parts of Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester Counties

    Trip fees depend on distance, range $45-75

  • Patient Visits

    • Wellness exams for healthy patients

      All healthy patients can benefit from an initial wellness exam. Dr. Busch does not administer vaccines, perform surgery or prescribe chemicals for flea and tick control. This is the time to get information from a veterinarian who has no financial incentive to recommend those services or products; her only incentive is your pet's radiant health. These visits last approximately one hour.

    • Initial holistic consultation

      This is for any patient that is currently ill and needs a holistic approach to treating its disease. This is also ideal for any patient undergoing treatment by a conventional veterinarian and could benefit from an integrative, holistic approach to its disease. These visits may take more than an hour.

    Patient Visit fees vary depending on overall health status of patient, what treatment modalities are utitilized, and the anticipated frequency of treatments (acute diseases generally require more frequent visits initially compared to long standing, chronic disorders, and will be priced accordingly).

    General visits within 7 miles, employing one or two treatment modalities, usually range in price from $125-165. Herbs, homeopathic remedies, and supplements are additional.

  • Nutritional Consultation

    Fees vary depending on type of diet indicated based on patient's condition.